Bosnian Memorial, Remember Srebrenica

2015/2016 i was commissioned to create a stone memorial to commemorate the Srebrenica massacre of over 8000 men and boys.

I used a block of Blue Killkenny Limestone because of its hardness and fine / hard quality.



Using fine tungsten tipped chisels I marked out the designs and carved into the blue limestone.

remembering srebrenica

flower 1

          The symbol of remembrance for Srebrenica is a flower with eleven petals, commemorating the 11th day of July, 1995 when this massacre of Bosnians in Srebrenica started. The flower motif was repeated on the two sloping sides of the stone.

The front of the design features an image of a Bosnian mother carrying a child, escaping from the terror of the conflict. It has text below in Bosnian explaining the impact of the massacre on the Bosnian mothers, witness and survivors of the genocide.

mother and child

fluer de lisThe sides are carved with similar texts in Arabic and English                 star and moon